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Robots are complex machines that work using a variety of different mechanisms. Robotics combines Science, electronics, mechanics, mathematics, pneumatic, art/aesthetics, and programming by planning, designing, building (and sometimes rebuilding), testing and driving which encourages scientific interest in children, who may grow up to be engineers and scientists. And for adults, it allows the lifetime pursuit of knowledge and experience and will be a strong foundation for their future academics and career.

Design, Develop and Drive your Dream Robot

Robodigx is a fun-filled field program that integrates academic subjects, real life applications and workplace competencies. DIGX inspires Roboteers to make connections across several disciplines rather than learning topics in isolation and are motivated to learn by creating their own robotic devices, while at the same time gain a deeper understanding of interdisciplinary fields of study and new innovations.

Robodigx is already playing a very pivotal and cutting edge role in diverse sectors such as manufacturing, avionics, medicine, defense, automobile, and entertainment to name a few. As technology becomes increasingly important in today’s world, it is invaluable to not only learn how to use technology, but also to understand how to create it.

Understanding that the technology is the future and today’s kids are tomorrow’s technologists. We @DIGX conducting Camps and workshops on robotics which are closely integrated with theoretical concepts related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Students learn theories through practical explanations and experiments. They connect concepts of friction, light, physics, electricity, machines, math theorems, geometry etc. with real life examples.

@DIGX, Roboteers will be constructing and programming their own Robots of different models customized according to their imaginations.


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