Welcome to Robodigx’s High School Robotics Summer Workshop – RoboStar 2024, where aspiring innovators explore the exciting world of robotics. Discover the power of hands-on learning, creativity, and collaboration as we set out to unlock the potential of tomorrow’s robotic leaders.

The goal of this Robotics Summer Workshop is to assist your teen in developing their own robotics projects. Students will be given the kits, and we will teach them how to build the robotics and Arduino projects from scratch. The majority of time in the workshop will be spent on hands-on activities, as our approach will be to allow students to learn as they create something rather than studying concepts and theories beforehand.

In this Summer Workshop, students will learn about robotics by building a few popular projects. The main takeaways are:

  • Learn and experience Inputs, Outputs and Control Circuits
  • Learn Basic Electronics and various Robotic Technologies
  • Learn how to program using Arduino ecosystem
  • Learn basics of C programming language
  • Learn advanced techniques using ESP32 Microcontroller

Benefits of High School Robotics Summer Workshop

Discover the invaluable benefits that await your teen at Robodigx’s High School Robotics Summer Workshop. Learn how this program prepares your child for a bright future in technology by fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as teamwork and creativity.

Boost Your Prospects in Robotics:

  • Transform Your Summer Break: Make the idle summer months into a time of fascinating discovery and creativity. Develop practical robotics abilities via hands-on projects, instilling a passion for STEM areas.
  • Develop In-Demand Skills: Robotics is a fast expanding subject, and this curriculum will provide you with the particular knowledge and practices desired by colleges and potential businesses. Learn how to code, apply engineering ideas, and solve problems to get a competitive advantage.
  • Create a Project Portfolio: Building your own robotics projects allows you to demonstrate your newly acquired knowledge and creativity. This hands-on experience builds a concrete portfolio to showcase your abilities on college applications and potential career interviews.
  • Certification: After successfully completing the program, you will earn a recognized certification. This exhibits your dedication to learning and validates your newly gained robotics competence for possible institutions and businesses.
  • Network with like-minded people: Connect and collaborate with other enthusiastic students in a nurturing learning environment. Build friendships, share ideas, and ignite innovation with your future robotics classmates.
  • Get a head start on college applications: This program can provide a substantial edge when applying to STEM programs. It showcases your initiative, passion, and robotics knowledge, making you an excellent prospect for competitive institutions.


This program is designed for students in Classes 7-10


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Make your teen stand out with a certificate of completion from Robodigx’s High School Robotics Summer Workshop. Learn more about the certification process and the valuable recognition it provides to participants, which will help set your teen apart in their academic journey.

Course Structure

Learn about Robodigx’s High School Robotics Summer Workshop’s structured curriculum and the key learning objectives and activities that your teen will participate in. From engaging lectures to hands-on projects, your child will embark on a comprehensive educational journey that is tailored to their needs.

We use a “Learn-by-Doing” pedagogy in which students actively participate in the project development process. This promotes deeper learning since essential concepts and practical applications are naturally interwoven throughout the construction phases.

Topics Covered

Discover the exciting topics covered in Robodigx’s High School Robotics Summer Workshop, including programming fundamentals, robotics concepts and more as your teen learns critical skills for future success.

  • Inputs – Sensors and interfacing sensor modules with Microcontrollers
  • Outputs – of DC motors, Servo motors and actuators
  • Control circuitry – Microcontrollers and Development Boards
  • Electronics Circuits and Systems
  • Arduino Ecosystem
  • Arduino Programming (C Language)
  • ESP32 Microcontroller (WIFI + Bluetooth)
  • Concepts of Robotics Systems and Design
  • ESP-NOW – ESP32 communication without a WIFI Router

Main Projects

Robodigx’s High School Robotics Summer Workshop main projects will allow your teen to express their creativity and innovation. Encourage them to design, build, and program their own robots, gaining valuable skills and confidence along the way.

High School Robotics Summer Workshop

Here are the different levels of Robotics projects students will be able to build and learn.

  • Basic
    • Simple Line Follower Robot
    • Light Chasing Robot
  • Medium
    • Human Follower Robot
    • Obstacle Avoidance Robot
  • Advanced
    • Obstacle Avoidance Line Follower Robot
    • Joystick Controlled RC Robot

Kit Contents

Prepare your teen for success by reviewing the contents of Robodigx’s High School Robotics Summer Workshop. Ensure they have everything they need to begin their robotics journey and take advantage of this exciting learning opportunity.

Kit worth ₹3500

The kit includes components that go beyond the scope of this workshop, allowing students to explore more advanced concepts.

  • ESP32 with OLED Display Development Board
  • ESP32 WROOM-32 Development Board
  • ESP32 Expansion Board
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Robotic Car Chassis
  • Servo Motor
  • Servo Motor Pan/Tilt Assembly
  • Motor Driver Module
  • DC Geared BO Motors
  • BO Motor Wheels and Castor Wheel
  • IR Obstacle Sensor Module
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Module
  • Light Sensor Module
  • PIR Sensor Module
  • Joysticks Module
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module
  • Touch Switch Module
  • 8 Ch Logic Level Converter Board (3.3V <-> 5V)
  • 18650 Li-Ion Batteries (with Cases and Charger)
  • 16 Keys Matrix Keypad
  • 10 Segment LED Bar Display
  • Buzzer
  • Jumper Wires (Male and Female)
  • Spare Components, Boxes, Brackets, Mounts, Screws, Spacers etc.
  • Tools
    • Digital Multi Meter
    • Breadboard
    • Wire Stripper and Cutter
    • Philips Screw Driver (Flat and Plus)

Join us for Robodigx’s High School Robotics Summer Workshop and help your teen excel in the world of technology. Invest in their future today and watch as they realize their full potential and embrace a world of limitless opportunities.

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