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Robodigx is a curriculum for young kids of age 15 or below. Robodigx can help your child with their interest in technology and robotics.

DIGX Tech Solutions is a fairly small, flexible electronics and technology focused firm  that offers circuit design, embedded programming, robotics, home automation and various other products. We work flexibly with clients to fulfil their design needs.

The training methodology is simple and easy to understand, and the personalized attention given to the participants enables them to learn better, faster and more efficiently.

Robodigx Learnium is program, for the students; and by the students; that stimulates tender minds to engage themselves with the latest technology around them.

The Robodigx Learnium gives a platform not only to the people with technical backgrounds, but also warmly welcomes all non-technical persons to pursue their interest in robotics by integrating with us.

Easy to get kits from different brands from our exclusive store

DIGX eStore has plenty of electronics items in the supply chain. Move to Robotics section to see whole new collection of robotic kits.

One stop solution for your kids wild technological imaginations and aspirations.

Some of Robodigx Feature Highlights


Different membership plans allow students to explore robotics with budget they have.


We provide robotics workshop in schools on request. Contact us for package details.


We encourage and support students to participate in National and International Robotics Competitions.

Free Kits

Free kits will be delivered to those students who reach higher rankings in class experiments.

Flexible Timings

We have different sessions for students so that they don’t miss any class. Weekend and weekday classes are provided.

Unique Curriculum

Robodigx Learnium is a unique curriculum which carved to have such a great attention to detail in subjects.

Seasonal Camps

We arrange summer camps and other periodic holiday camps time to time. Do check periodically here.

Outstanding Support

Join our Robodigx community, get help and start learning new things. Also we’re constantly improving and adding new features.


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